Assistant Producer, Radio 3

In Tune & Essentials Classics

In Tune Highlights 


Produced and mixed the following podcast episodes:


Essential Classics

Producer of 10 Musical Time Travellers packages – stories behind the music-making of the British Isles.

Highlights include:

Bishops Rock by Leah Broad | On Air 27/08/19

Composer Doreen Carwithyn and her symphonic poem

Liszt's Irish Extravaganza by Jessie Grimes | On Air 08/08/2019

Tales from Liszt's disastrous tour of the UK and Ireland


Patti's Castle by Leah Broad | On Air 22/07/19

Soprano Adelina Patti and her Welsh Castle Craig y Nos 

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Audio Producer. Director. Writer.


I’m a professional storyteller, with a passion for radio, podcasting and journalism. My audio success is built on a 15-year career as an award-winning theatre director, dramaturg and playwright, when I specialised in creating original work. I thrive on developing ideas from initial concept to production. I love working collaboratively as a team member or as a leader, skills I’ve enhanced while producing audio for flagship BBC programmes.

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